Sebring Eco-Smart Technology

Sebring Building Company prides itself on leading the way in energy-efficient and eco-friendly building technologies in Michigan. Our latest generation of homes feature Sebring Eco-Smart Technology - providing our homeowners with a more comfortable home that is up to 10-15% more energy efficient than others. While Sebring Eco-Smart encompasses more than 20 innovations - Our Systems and Standard Features truly set us apart.

Sebring Eco-Smart Features

DELTA-MS® Foundation Wrap
DELTA-MS® is a highly effective waterproofing protection system based on a uniquely formed air-gap membrane, formed in a dimple pattern to create an air-gap at the foundation wall. This unique design allows any water getting past the dimpled plastic sheet to fall freely to the footer drain. This product also provides for a better, more solid foundation.
Weather Shield® Windows
Reflective Coating provides protection from the sun. All new homes are required to have low emissivity (Low E) windows. Sebring uses High Value Vinyl Low E windows from Weather Shield®, which provide an even greater level of protection. These windows not only reduce the amount of heat transfer to the home, they also reduce fading of carpeting and drapes.
2x6 Walls
Sebring uses 2x6 studs instead of 2x4 on exterior first floor walls. Using 2x6 studs as well as other optimum value engineering features such as engineered lumber, headers designed for load per opening and jointed studs for vertical applications in our homes, Sebring is able to add 36% more wall insulation than traditional 2x4 walls, resulting in dramatically quieter interiors, added comfort and energy savings.
Reduced Volume Attics with Wider Overhangs
Sebring uses architectural design to lower energy bills and increase comfort. The attic is the hottest area of the home in the summer time. We have reduced the amount of attic space through innovative roof design; lowering the volume of hot air in the attic and the resulting transfer of heat to the interior of the home. We have extended overhangs up to 40% resulting in additional shade on the exterior walls.
Bradford White Defender HWT
The Defender Series sets the standard for low emission water heaters. With a state-of-the-art radiant burner and an advanced control system, Eco-Defender models emit 75% less NOx emissions than standard models while maintaining optimal combustion efficiencies, and consistent operational temperatures. The result is an ecologically friendly and highly efficient water heater.
R40 Ceiling Insulation
R40 ceiling insulation is used to insulate the living space from the attic. This provides for more comfortable, more energy efficient home.
Energy Sealing
Sealing the home improves your home’s performance and protects the R-Value of your insulation by eliminating excessive air leakage. At the rough frame stage, we seal the exterior surfaces including all sill plates, bond joists, top plates, sheathing holes, electrical, mechanical and plumbing penetrations, and dozens more.
Insulation on 2x6 Wall Areas
Insulating 2x6 walls provides a deeper depth of insulation rather than the traditional 2x4 wall. This system provides for more comfortable, more energy efficient home.
Low VOC Paint and Stain
The EPA states that VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the leading cause of indoor air pollution by releasing low level toxic emissions. Sebring uses new Low VOC paints and stains that not only provide maximum performance, but they dramatically reduce toxins and provide a cleaner environment. We also use Low VOC paint in enameled areas.
High Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning
Sebring uses 14 seer air conditioning units and a 92% annual fuel utilization efficiency furnace combined with a touch screen programmable thermostat to maximize energy efficiency in our homes.
Solid Sheathed Exterior Walls
All exterior walls sheathed for superior strength and performance. Sheathing on exterior walls is only required by code in some areas of the home. Sebring sheaths the exterior walls of the entire living space of the home to provide additional structural strength and to reduce air infiltration and moisture, thereby providing added comfort and energy saving performance to our homes.
Wrapped Exterior Walls
Exterior walls wrapped with a dual layer of 60 minute building paper. Two layers provide a more effective barrier from harmful exterior moisture.
Insulated Garage Doors
Our favorite feature!
Uninsulated garage doors allow a garage to become very cold in winter, and if the garage is attached to the house it fails to serve as an efficient buffer against ambient cold. Also, cold can be hard on a car battery, and entering a cold car in winter is miserable. Furthermore, if the door(s) faces east or west the garage can become very hot during the summer.
Construction Cleanup
Being environmentally responsible in all areas of the project, including construction cleanliness is important. A clean jobsite is a safe jobsite.

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