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Home ownership is a dream that many of us have from the time we are very young. While buying a new home may seem overwhelming, the enhanced quality of life and many financial advantages associated with home ownership drive millions of people each year to take the steps to achieve their dream of home ownership. If you are still deciding between renting a home versus buying a home consider the following items and we think you will agree, that there is nothing like owning your own home.

* Mortgage interest is tax-deductible. Rent is not tax-deductible. The IRS and landlords gain is your loss.
* The potential tax savings and equity that come from home ownership can be used for your future needs, helping to pay for your childrens college or your own retirement for example. Paying rent does not offer any long term financial benefits.
* With the wide variety of mortgage options available, you can control your monthly payments. When renting your landlord controls your expenses.
* When you own your own home you can personalize your home for your own decorator touches, like custom paint colors, unique flooring or light fixtures. Where in a rental you live with your landlords tastes and decorating.
* New homes have utility rooms allowing you to do laundry at your convenience, rather than searching for quarters for a Laundromat.
* Your own home offers a garage to safely park your car, while most rentals offer car ports or street parking.
* Your home will offer a yard where you are able have pets and your children can play safely. Pets are often unwelcome in rentals and children have to play in streets, parking lots and other less secure areas.
* Your yard will also offer you an outdoor space you can customize for your own lifestyle with gardens, barbeques, gazebos and more. Where rentals often have room for a few potted plants and not much else.

Design Coordinator

Sebring Building Company offers home design, product, style and color assistance. Our professional design coordinator has over 20 years of experience as a professional home decorator and consultant. Some of the selections you will be assisted with include; flooring, countertops, cabinets, lighting, paint, technology, electrical, plumbing, heating, roof, brick, stone, insulation and much more.

First Time Buyer

One of the greatest rewards for our Sebring Team is helping First Time Homebuyers to realize their dream of homeownership. Sebrings team of professionals will be with you every step of the way during this exciting journey. You made a great decision when you chose to purchase a home and our team can not wait to help you as you move forward through each phase of the process of buying, building, and enjoying your new Sebring home.

New vs. Pre-Owned

When deciding between a new or pre-owned home, you should consider that a new home usually offers a number of advantages. When you move into a new home, you will not have to deal with the hassles commonly associated with pre-owned homes such as cleaning, re-painting, and renovating. New homes come with a home warranty, pre-owned homes do not. Our customer support team, are here to help you or consult with you regarding home maintenance. One of the things that many people enjoy the most about purchasing a new home is the opportunity to personalize their new home with items that suit their own tastes and desires. New Sebring Homes are designed to take advantage of all the latest technological advances as well as those coming in the future.

Sales Process

1. Home Site Reservation
The day that you choose your home site we will ask you to place a deposit.
2. Financing
Although we ask that all buyers obtain an approval from our preferred lender prior to entering into a purchase agreement, you are not required to use any specific lender. We recommend the use of our preferred lender to provide great service. We are confident that our preferred lender will not only offer you a competitive rate but will provide you with great service and make the financing of your new home as hassle free as possible.
3. Purchase Agreement
Now that you have gone through the home site reservation and financing steps, we are ready to move forward with your purchase agreement. At the signing of your purchase agreement, you will increase your deposit typically equating to a down payment percentage required by lenders.
4. Design Appointment
This is where the excitement really begins. Our Design Coordinator will guide you through the many amazing choices you have to customize your home and have it be as unique as you are.
5. Constructon & Home Orientations
From excavation to the finishing touches, we provide a rough, drywall and finish home inspection appointment. These appointments are to ensure that any options you may have purchased have been installed. This walk-through also gives you the opportunity to tour your home while it is under construction.
7. Final Inspection
One or two weeks before your home closes, our construction team will familiarize you with each individual component of your new home. We will share with you what to do in an emergency situations, routine maintenance and much more.
8. Closing
Once the final home inspection is complete and the certificate of occupancy is issued, we can close and you can start enjoying your new Sebring Home and be welcomed into the Sebring Homes family.

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